LEON2800-S Truck Tyre Changer
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Product Description

Universal tyre-changer is suitable and manufactured for truck and heavy duty wheels having rim size from 14”
to 28”. It is equipped with hydraulically controlled arms safely clamp all kind of rims up to 28” without using
extension adapters. Leon 2800-S is even suitable larger wheel than 28” when it is used with disc wheel.
The operator moves any place around the machine so that he can always work at the best position. With newly
developed multi switch the operator can handle more than one hydraulic action at the same time.
The machine should be a vertical position while a tire is loaded. This position will reduce the operator effort,.
Thus one-operator can do any work on the machine. The bead breaker spring is loaded and balanced. It can
also be stopped and locked in any position.


Max. Wheel Diameter 1575 mm [ 62” ]
Max. Wheel Width 700 mm [ 28” ]
Max. Wheel Weight 1750 kg
Bead-Breaker Force 2200 kg
Minimum Rim Diameter 14”
Max. Rim Diameter 28”
Operating Pressure 120 -150 bar
Power Supply & Motor 230 / 400 V - [ 24 V ] 3 ph
Gear Box 2 Hp
Net Weight 750 kg.
Width 1500 x 1800 x 750 mm (59”x73”x30”)
Case Size 1600 x 2000 x 1000mm