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Rim Straightening Machines
Rim Straightening Machines
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-How does this Rim Straightening Machine straighten the defected rims ?

-ZETAMAK Rim Straightening Machines use technology with hydraulics pulls, pushes and heat. This technology has been the most recommended means of straightening since the turn of the last century. We don’t recommend cold roller wheels or use independent hydraulic jacks for higher accuracy of rim straightening. People using cold rollers claim it’s superior because heat is not used. The use of heat is not a problem unless it is used so much heat that it will change the metallic composition of the rim. Whereas, one never can control the impact of cold force on the metal.


-What type of wheels can be straightened by ZETAMAK Alloy Wheel Straightening Machines ?


-ZETAMAK Alloy Wheel Rim Straightening Machines can straighten not only your ordinary steel and aluminium wheels but also your valuable alloy and chrome wheels as well. Also, a competent rim straightener can do multi-piece wheels as well as magnesium rim straightening.


-How accurate are the repairs done by ZETAMAK Rim Repair Machines ?


-The accuracy is reaching about 98% . The tolerance is +/- 2 % maximum.


-How much is it depending on the individual wheel material ?


-It is very important the material of the rim. If it is classic steel rim there will be no problem to straighten because it is somewhat flexible . If you work on  alloy rims there should be given to much more attention. The defected parts / surface of alloy rim should be warmed before applying any pressure onto the defected parts/ surface.


-How common is it that a rim cracks during repair  ?


-It is not common for the steel rims. For alloys it is always in the possibility when you are not careful enough. If you have a crack you have to weld it first then straightening procedures are applied. Finally the welding residues should be cleared off with lathe system of the machine.


-Can your machine(s) repair "center bends", meaning wheels that have a side impact and wobble? 


-It depends. We must have a clean and smooth centerpiece to attach the defected rims onto the flange so it should be enough level surface on the center of the rim.


-Which bends can you not repair ?


-Almost every kinds of bends can be repaired but we do not recommend to correct the bends and cracks very close to the center of defected rims. 


-Is your manufacturing of all your products in Turkey, or do you just assemble in Turkey out of imported parts? 


-We manufacture of all the components in Turkey. Even the electric motors are of Turkish origin.


-How many of the parts in your machines %-wise are made in Turkey/ Europe? 




-How much % from China or other Asian countries?




-Are you doing Research & Development and upgrade-development for your products in Izmir, Turkey ?


-Since 1990 in which we began manufacturing these machines , Research & Development have been an ongoing process. We have always searched and looked for having better physical appearance , style and upgraded functions of the machines.

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